Surfer Salve Testimonials

Just wanted to add my endorsement: Surfer's Salve is the only thing that relieves the itching when I get a poison oak rash and allow me to sleep. The last time I had poison oak on my throat and face, I thought I'd go insane from the constant itching. Once I tried some Surfer's Salve, I finally got some relief. A friend brought me a tin of Surfer's Salve as a gift from her trip to Kauai, and I've found dozens of uses for it since, but the best discovery is how well it works for poison oak. Thank you!

Karen K.

My name is Benjie Howard.  I’ve been a river guide in Grand Canyon for 21 years.  Sharing that place with people from around the wold has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.  The canyon is hell on the body though!  The combination of being in the extreme desert heat and getting wet all day long wrecks your feet and hands.  I’ve tried everything from lotions to utter balm and have never had the kind of results I got from using Island Soap’s “Surfer Salve.”  It not only kept my feet and hands from cracking open, but it also helped clear a fungus that boatmen commonly get on their feet.  Get it all over your feet, put your socks on, get in your bag, go to sleep, and everything is smooth in the morning!


I was fortunate to visit Maui in February for the first time. My husband and I loved it but despite my best efforts, I had a sunburn by day 3. I was already a big fan of these products and ran across some of this soap at a shop in Lahaina and used it the rest of the trip. Wonderful stuff!! It is great for sunburn, dry skin, name it.


I absolutely love this stuff! I've used it for years and am always recommending it to my friends and visitors to Kauai (especially those with board rash). Not only does it cure it quickly, but it soothes the pain almost instantly!! I've now started applying it BEFORE paddling out or snorkeling. I use some in areas where I usually get rubbed raw from the seams on my boardies or rash guard and it has completely prevented any board rash. This works great, especially before long sessions in the water. THANK YOU for producing an excellent product that actually delivers above and beyond the promise on the package. Well Done!!

Gerry B.

 Just a note to tell you how awesome the Surfers Salve is! I recently burned my finger quite badly in my woodstove. After a couple of days I began putting surfers salve on it and the change is incredible. It is healing beautifully and is not nearly as painful. Who needs polysporin when you have surfers salve! Me and my finger thank you for your awesome product. Suzanne

Suzanne A.

 I just want to thank you for your amazing Surfer's Salve. My husband and I happened upon your lovely store in Koloa during our honeymoon last year, and discovered Surfer's Salve. I just loved the scent and how it soothed dry skin immediately! Now, at home in PA, I use it throughout the winter because it is the ONLY product that will truly heal my hands when they get terribly dry and cracked and flaky (yuck). Hand creams and lotions can't hold a candle next to Surfer's Salve! Plus, it actually lasts through a couple hand washes, so you don't have to constantly reapply. It is also great to soothe and treat that awfully painful raw nose you get from constantly blowing your nose during a cold (also smells great!). I use it on those annoying extra dry spots on my face (sparingly, a little goes a long way on the face) and it keeps me from having to constantly reapply moisturizer to those spots. This product is so amazing, a few months after we returned home I went and bought online a boatload of tins and sticks to have with me everywhere - at home, in my pocket, in my purse, at work - it's always with me. I am SO happy I can buy it online! Thank you!

Horsham NJ

 I just wanted to let you know how much I love surfer salve! Almost 15 years ago I bought a large tin while in Maui. I used it very sparingly because I thought I wouldn't be able to replace it as I don't get to Maui very often. Well I finally ran out of the stuff and realized there was a web address on the very worn label. I ordered more and use it for everything. It has cured my dry feet, my son's winter skin is soft and supple, his chapped cheeks are so soothed. He shouts "get the surper salb" in his 3 year old accent when his lips are chapped or he has a scrape or "owie". I use it on my cuticles and hands and it cures the dryness. We love Surfer Salve and the Island Soap company!!


 I use it for lip gloss and skin moisturizer.  I use it before bed or in the morning and for wrinkles.  I use it as a highlighter after I've applied my makeup.  The cool, herby scent is refreshing.  It doesn't melt in my purse if I leave it in the car.  And unbelievably, it's all natural and completely safe.  This is the best skin product I've ever owned!  Thanks!!!!

Leslie from Michigan

 I used your surfer's salve for the first time last night and it is outstanding I will be ordering this soon. I have no idea who gave this to me and I really wish I could remember so I could thank them. I will never use any other item for my sunburn again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. 

S. Beam 
Washington NJ

 THIS STUFF WORKS. It is literally the only product I have ever found that relieves the itching, swelling and pain of mosquito bites. And trust me, if it works on ME, I know that the Salve will work for ANYONE!
 I've since bought countless tubes of the Salve for everyone I know, because as I said, us Canadians struggle with mosquitoes throughout the summertime... and getting bit and itching is no fun.


 I have just tried the surfer's salve it's is magic. I have eczema and could not believe how quickly this worked, after only one use there was a huge difference.


 The surfer salve is MAGIC! Seriously!


 My fiance told me this balm was the best skin- soothing product he ever experienced. He told me I had to try it . It is amazing! The smooth texture and scent of all-natural ingredients have inspired us to buy Surfer's Salve as gifts for our friends and family.

 The best product, I bought it in Hawaii, and loved it! it works for everything! lips, rashes, bug bites, its great.

 I use cloth diapers on my baby and he was getting some chaffing on his sensitive skin. I bought a TON of Surfer Salve (a favorite discovery from a trip to HI ten years ago)and liberally apply it with every diaper change. It keeps his skin so smooth, soft, and hydrated! 

Your product is the best! I found out about surfer salve from friends! I started using it everynight on my face and it has cleared blemishes from years past. It really helps keep skin clear and younger looking! I'll be telling all my friends about it!


 We live in Nebraska, and it gets extremely dry here in the winter. I use this on my fingers when the skin cracks, and also for chapped lips, and just about any other skin problem I have. Love it!!


A friend who spent the summer in Hawaii brought me back a tube of surfer's salve. I wasn't sure about it at first, but once I used it, I was hooked. I've used it on burns from cooking, tattoos, eczema, all kinds of stuff! A lot of salves and ointments work well, but smell bad. This stuff works wonderfully and smells great!


 I have loved these products for the last eight years. I brought some Surfer's Salve back to give to one of my employees whose mother has been suffering from severe psoriasis. No dermatologist has been able to help her. Now she has some relief as after about a week of applying the surfers salve, she is starting to heal. Her outbreaks were everywhere on her body except her face and now, she is greatly improved.

Darleen Sancts

Soaking up the Florida sun before college started again, I ended up completely sunburnt. I picked this up at the Longboard House and now carry it with me everywhere. It feels so good, soothes the skin, and smells great! I love this stuff, it's amazing!


 Aloha, My name is Sheila, local girl from Maui. I just want to give praise to your "Surefer's Salve" product.  I first discovered it 5 or 6 years ago while working in Hilo Hattie's at the jewelry store.  A surfer came up to me holding 4 tins wondering what is it?  He explained to me that he had a cut from the reefs while surfing, sunburn, chapped lips, rashes and hot oil burn.  Used it and claimed that it's his only first-aid kit that he will have at his home.  I believed him so I bought the small tin can to try it our for my chapped lips and at the same time, my daughters excema rashes, my dad's psoriosis, mom's hot oil burn, and my son's diaper rash.  CURED! In an instant.  And the medication that they gave for my dad's skin problem and son's rash didn't even work for the many day's we've been applying it.  Just 2 weeks ago my daughter gave herself a hot flat iron burn on her chin, (don't ask).  Grabbed my dad's surfer's salve, (cause he also discovered he can't live without it), made sure that she applied it 3x's a day.  Now it looks like as if it never happened.  She has a banquet in 3 weeks and was worried about a scar.  It really looked bad that time as if it was a 3rd degree burn.  I had my trust in Surfer's Salve and it was also Sunday.  My TRUST into this product.  For the past 5 years I have reccomended this to many customers, friends and family.  The best ones are reccomending it to all those walking lobsters, but they come back to me letting me they're buying more!  I know for the fact that I can't live without it.  When I found out that Hilo Hattie wasn't going to carry it anymore, I bought a whole bunch.  I just recently ran out that's why I just placed an order for 4 can's of the large tin.  I don't understand why any drug store doesn't want to carry this.  It's even way better than Burt's Bees!  I love the all natural ingredients and once again...."SURFER'S SALVE SHOULD BE IN EVERY FAMILIES HOME".  If they want to know why? ask me......."

Sheila Managan
Lahaina, Maui Hawaii

 We were in Hawaii last June and purchased some Surfer's Salve on a wim. Wow did we ever get hooked. It is a wonderful product. We have used many 100% Shea Butter products etc, etc. They do not compare to this stuff. It works better than carmex for dry or wind burned lips. It transformed our feet completely, I have never had completely silky feet in my life and I get a pedicure every three weeks. My husband fights if anyone moves it from his little spot. Just try it, you will love it.

Harvey & Kimberly Gomes

 "It's been 8 years since I have last been to Kauai. While I was there, I happened upon your Surfer's Salve in a store. I purchased some thinking that it would just be another nonsense purchase from my trip, boy was I wrong. 8 years later, those two tins are now almost completely gone. A little goes a VERY long way!! Your product is amazing.It has taken care of everything from bug bites,surgical scars, sunburns, and most importantly, dryness in my husbands hands while he was in Afghanistan. I'm sad that my amazing tins are almost empty, but very happy I found your website so I can order more"  


 "Last spring we were visiting Kauai and I happened into one of your stores. My wife purchased several of your soaps and for some reason I was intrigued by your surfer salve and purchased one, as I am outside quite a bit. This winter we had a severe freeze and my skin cracked due to the dryness of the air. I remembered your salve and started using it and what a job it did! I was amazed and was telling my sisters about it as their husbands are surfers. They replied, oh yeah Burt Bees makes a similar product. Well due to sibling rivalry I purchased some Burt’s but found it not to be of the same quality. I have sent in an order for more of your products and am looking forward to trying them. So great job great product! …Please forward this to the appropriate personnel and again congratulations on a fantastic product; it is always great to be involved with products that deliver!”

Bob Wagner
Visalia, CA

 “Do you have any stores that sell your surfer Salve in the Hilo area? That stuff rocks!”

J Meyers
Kamuela, HI

 “I want to start off by telling you I absolutely love your products! I've ordered for myself and as gifts. I had major surgery back in March 2008 and it created quite a scar on my stomach. As soon as it was healed enough, I started putting the salve on it each night. The doctors and nurses always comment on how great the incision is coming along. They can't believe how quickly and well it is healing. And, of course, I always tell them my secret! Thank you.”

Cindy A.
Fredericksburg, Virginia

 Bought this (stick version) the first time I went to Hawaii. Bought the big tin the second time. Will continue to buy it forever. Thank you for selling it online to those of us on the mainland who have found it to be a miracle cure.  I recently burned my lip pretty badly, and this was the only thing besides ice that brought relief. It healed super quickly, and I owe it to Surfer's Salve. You can use it for ANYthing--burns, bug bites, rashes, you name it. I love that it's all natural, too. And the scent is divine. 
Never stop making this product!!


 After living on Kauai for almost eight years, I have finally been introduced to Surfer Salve, and not a moment too soon. After inflicting some pretty severe rope burns to both of my hands while learning to sail, a friend suggested trying Surfer Salve to heal the wounds. I was initially apprehensive but decided to give it a try and was thrilled to find that my hands felt better instantly, and within a few days were well on their way to being healed. Since than I have used Surfer Salve to sooth mosquito bites, razor burn and sunburn, and have not been let down once. The comforting effects are immediate, and I'm pleased to say that both rope-burnt hands have fully healed and are scar-free. This is a product I will continue to use, and recommend without hesitation to friends, family and others.

A. Meredith

 We bought this last year in Hawaii on vacation. I bought it for soothing a sunburn and it worked great! Since we have been back home I have used it for chapped lips and as a facial moisturizer. Just yesterday I was planting a tall ornamental grass and it cut up my arm. Before bed I applied the Surfer's Salve to half of my wound just to see if there was a difference. It was remarkable! This morning there was such a difference! The area that I applied the product was soothed and barely red and the other was still bright red and very irritated!!! I;m in love with this product and ordering more before I run out! THANK YOU! :)


After living in Hawaii for 4 years I have become addicted to Island Soap Products (surfer's salve, candles and soaps)! Now that we are back stateside its time for another supply :) Surfer's Salve is great for dry/tired/cracked feet, chafed/wind burned/dry/cracked lips, dry elbows and wherever else you need it. Surfer's Salve is excellent when used overnight with a pair of socks!! Thank You for such Great Products!

Gracy B. Crowley

 Been surfing on Oahu for 20+ years, happened onto a tin of this by chance while perusing some shops in Hanalei. If I normally would push myself into two sessions per day, I'd end up with some chafing under my arms from paddling, and on that space on my chest where the board is balanced. Rubbing the surfer's salve on those bits made the soreness disappear overnight leaving me more free to surf again the next day where I would've normally sat out a day to let my chafing recover. Nice fringe benefit is that the herbal component in the salve smells really nice, like sleeping with aromatherapy oil on your skin.

Sunset Beach, North Shore Oahu

 I love Surfer's Salve it the best, my husband & I went hiking and on our way back up from our hike I got eaten up by Mosquito's. I keep my Surfer's Salve at work and when I got to work on Monday my arms were so itchy. I decided hey what the heck I am gonna try it on my Mosquito bites. Low and behold the itching stopped, this is the best product ever and it smells so good. I have recommended this to all my friends.

Leah Procter

 I have a rave review for surfer salve, the best product EVER for dry skin! Having lived in Hawaii most of my life...moving to Colorado was a shock to the skin. There is nothing better for chapped lips, chapped and cracked hands than surfer salve in the dry mile high air. Keep cranking it out, I'll keep buying it forever! Aloha and Mahalo!


 ....need to stock up on surfer salve! after two MDs, three prescriptions, and countless OTC creams, surfer salve is the only stuff that cures the eczema on my husband's fingers.

Karin Thorgerson Herman 

 This stuff is unreal !!!! I can't say enough good things about it. My dad had a spider bite in pain for 10 days I put this on it....the next day it was gone. Any Paper cut?? healed the next day ...burn or scratch pain is gone it's a miracle salve