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“I haveto tell you something. I have serious Rosacea, unbelievably dry skin and scalp. And I'mso veryparticular about what I put on my skin... most of my life I refused to use sun block because of the way it felt on my skin. A friend of mine brought my family your Hawaiian Botanical Lotion (Mango, Coconut and Guava) when she returned from her Hawaiian vacation. The lotion kind of sat around for a couple years until one day I decided I would try it. Thank you! I'm almost 40 and even though I'm a guy I still care about what my skin looks like. When I use your product it doesn't make me feel like I am using any product. Now, after I wash my face, I leave it wet and just apply your lotion onto the wet skin. The next day when I wake up my skin look so healthy and the pores even look smaller. Hey, I'm even using it on my hands and arms now. I'm always skeptical about products but when I readyour ingredients... it was all good! I wonder why I haven't seen your products in health food stores? Peace and much appreciation to you for helping me get over my dry skin and my avoidance of skin lotion.”

S. Watts
South Carolina/ Florida

“Thanks so much, Megan Moore “Thank you so much!! My husband really likes your lotion and insisted that I order some. I like it also but I think that it is amusing that he wants it.He really thinks that it helps make his hands softer.”

Urbana, Ohio

“I just wanted to let you knowthat I just love your Pikake /Jasmine body lotion. It is the best and I am so happy it is available online.”

Springfield, MA

“I purchased lotion at the Sheraton in Kauai, and saw you had a website on the bottle so this is the second time I m ordering with you. Love your product.”


“Just received my shipment of the coconut lotion. I have never found a lotion ever, that helps dry skin like your lotion. Not even expensive ones. Here in Arizona we get very dry skin, not like in the islands. I am anxious to also try the shampoo and conditioner. Just want to say Mahalo.”


“My daughter visited Hawaii a year ago and as she usually does, purchased something for me. The soap she purchased, I have been using but the lotion she purchased was put aside because I use particular lotions made for dry skin for diabetics.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of the usual lotion I use and found this lotion which was given to me by my daughter and used it. The next day, I realized that the texture of my arms was better. Well, so the story goes on. My arms are not as dry and leather-like after only one week of using this lotion.

The web site was listed on the bottle … so I can purchase this product regularly. I will also recommend it to my other diabetic friends because it is doing so well on me and my roommate who has worse skin problems than I do and loves this lotion also.”

Anderson, SC

“Just a note to let you know that your products, especially the lotions and coconut oils, are VERY welcome here! With the harsh Northwestern New Jersey winters the lotions and oils are an essential to my very dry skin. Now for the greatest - I had surgery that left a bad scar after the 30+ stitches were removed. I started suing the coconut oil on the scar and did it ever help soothe and smooth! Thanks for your wonderful products!”

Landing, New Jersey

“I Purchased your lotion at Kauai Coffee Plantation on my honeymoon and my husband loves your lotion. Thank you for a wonderful product that will always have a wonderful memory attached to it.”



“I saw your products at a Long's Drug Store in San Jose CA...Congrats you made the big time! I have been using your products ever since I went to Kauai a few years ago. Glad to see you are doing so well. I especially love your candles.”

C. Lynch
Seal Beach CA

“I just returned from a week on Kauai and one of the first purchases we made was a large Plumeria coconut candle that said it would burn for 55 hours. Well, we lit it every time we were "home" in our timeshare and it was only 1/2 burned by the time we left to come home. During our week we also purchased two other large coconut candles, and 3 floating coconut candles. We burn them everyday ~ just to close our eyes and "feel" the Garden Island. I also purchased a box of mixed soaps and a bottle of lotion. I must tell you that I am allergic to almost every kind of soap, shampoo, laundry soap, etc. However, I am able to use all of your products I purchased without ANY irritation! You now have a life long customer in me! Mahalo!”

J. D. Palm
Bay, FL

“A woman I work with was recently in Hawaii and bought some of your products. I recently placed an order and I just wanted to tell you how much I love the products!I received them very fast! I bought lotions, a candle, bath oil, and body spray and I love them all. The candle is the best smelling candle I have ever smelled! Thank you for your quick response to my order and I look forward to ordering from you soon! Your new customer…”


“Thanks for the bath wash with the order for candles you filled. It was an unexpected treat. Your candles burn very beautifully, unlike some other I have ordered. I will definitely be a returning customer, and I have already told friends about your products.”

San Francisco

“I recently received my second order of soaps and bath gels, and I also purchased one of your Plumeria candles, I have bought other brands of Plumeria candles hoping they would smell like your Plumeria products, but they never did, in fact they were so sweet smelling and horrible I would give them away, I absolutely love your Plumeria candles and all the products you sell. Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products.”


Surfer’s Salve

“Last spring we were visiting Kauai and I happened into one of your stores. My wife purchased several of your soaps and for some reason I was intrigued by your surfer salve and purchased one, as I am outside quite a bit. This winter we had a severe freeze and my skin cracked due to the dryness of the air. I remembered your salve and started using it and what a job it did! I was amazed and was telling my sisters about it as their husbands are surfers. They replied, oh yeah Burt Bees makes a similar product. Well due to sibling rivalry I purchased some Burt’s but found it not to be of the same quality. I have sent in an order for more of your products and am looking forward to trying them. So great job great product! …Please forward this to the appropriate personnel and again congratulations on a fantastic product; it is always great to be involved with products that deliver!”

Bob Wagner
Visalia, CA

“Do you have any stores that sell your surfer Salve in the Hilo area? That stuff rocks!”

J Meyers
Kamuela, HI

“I want to start off by telling you I absolutely love your products! I've ordered for myself and as gifts. I had major surgery back in March 2008 and it created quite a scar on my stomach. As soon as it was healed enough, I started putting the salve on it each night. The doctors and nurses always comment on how great the incision is coming along. They can't believe how quickly and well it is healing. And, of course, I always tell them my secret! Thank you.”

Cindy A.
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Body Creams

“I recently attended the NY Times Travel Show in NY and experienced your Pineapple Paradise body Cream for the first time. A month later, and I'm still in love with it! Does this come in a larger package than 3 oz? Do any of your lip glosses, creams, surfer's salve, etc have S"P"F in them?”                                                                                                                      Elaine

"I just would like to comment on your Kauai kiss shea butter body cream....I absolutely love it !!!  Here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts I use it on my feet/ heels in the summertime especially after the beach and it heals my feet ...great on cracked heels...the scent is out of this world."

Barbara T.
Boston, MA

Lip Balms

“I brought back several packages of your lip gloss kits for my friends and they adore them! Best lip gloss they've ever used....next time I'll have to bring back even more. Another great excuse to return to gorgeous Kauai.”


Body Mister

“Aloha !! this is from Bonnie over in west Maui and I just ordered 3 of your Plumeria floral misters and I gotta say ..this is the most fabulous subtle fresh fragrance and I use it a lot !! it doesn't give me any allergic reactions and it truly smells like the essence of Plumeria without that sweet cloying perfumy smell a lot of similar products have ..I am hoping you will always continue to carry this great product and Mahalo from the heart for making my day and romantic evenings just fantastic!! I am also trying out your passion fruit oil as that is my other favorite fragrance ...Keep up the great work!!”

Maui, HI

Body Wash

“Hi...I had just received my order of shower gel and 4 coconut beeswax candles. Oh my...the gel is just great. It makes my skin feel so soft. The candles have such a great coconut smell I could just eat them. I know I'll be ordering from you again soon. Thanks for the great products.
Keep up the great work...”

Taunton, MA

“I am quite excited about receiving this order. When I was in Hawaii, two weeks ago on vacation, I bought your products in the gift shop in our hotel. I fell in love with it. I did buy extra to give as gifts, but I decided to keep them for myself. Now that I know I can get more, I will give them out after all!”



“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your “art” of soap-making. I first discovered you while on vacation in Kauai. I purchased your coconut and gourmet soaps, took them home, and absolutely LOVED them. Never have I used a soap that left me feeling completely moisturized. Normally, I have dry skin; but your soaps keep me soft and smooth. I have since re-ordered many more. Nothing in the stores compares. My daughter also liked the soaps so much that she ordered too. She’s hooked on the shower gels and lotion. Thank you- Thank you- Thank you!”

Edina, MN

“I was there in person and purchased a bar of the Plumeria Passion soap. I was going to use it myself but ended up giving it to my niece. She was concerned at first because she is so sensitive to most soaps but I convinced her to try it and of course she loved it and had no reaction to it. Thank you for allowing her to have a nice smelling soap that won't cause her to break out in hives. I will be ordering online soon so I can enjoy your soap too.”

Missoula, Montana

Customer Service

“Hello, I'm writing to tell you all at Island Soap that I love your company! I’ve placed a few orders with you and I'm very happy with your service! I live in Las Vegas, NV. Your on-line ordering system is so easy. Your orders always come very fast and undamaged! I just wanted to let you all know what a great job you are doing! I love your products & customer service! I hope your company is around forever!”

M Moore
Las Vegas, NV

“Yesterday I received the items which I ordered in December. Thank you for the free gift. Everything is all right. I am so happy!”


Our Stores

“... I just returned from my week long stay in Kauai. By the second day I was there I knew I wanted to visit your store (I saw an add in one of the magazines). Well, My boyfriend and I drove to the store up north (Kilauea), and a few days later drove down south and stopped at the store in Koloa. I ended up buying many soaps, a "rain" scented candle, surfers salve, and Kauai Kiss lip balm. I love ALL these products!!!! I just want to say mahalo for the GREAT products, and I WILL be back!!!!”

A. Mcpherson
Redlands, CA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Janet received her order and proceeded to rave about Eric in the Princeville store from her resent visit, you for your outstanding customer service, and Mitchell for the same. Although she initially was taken aback by the new Plumeria fragrance she now admits that she likes it better. She did a blind test with her husband and he clearly liked the new Plumeria as well.”

Janet G.